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healthcare-technology-8-04-2015Mobile phones have diversified themselves into multi-functional gadgets over a period of time. One can enjoy his favourite music and videos on any latest handset they she or he may be owning. But the big question is how to own a high end gadget so that one can satisfy his passion for innovative gadgets. The answer lies in various mobile phone deals offered by the retailers around the world. To purchase a handset under some deal has many benefits. These deals allow the users to enjoy multiple benefits in a cost effective manner. Two highly successful phone deals are contract phones and pay as go phones or PAYG phones. Contract phone plans are also known as 12 months free line rental plans. Both of these deals have their own set of merits which attract a large number of users towards them.visit site

A contract phone can be acquired by entering into some agreement with the service or network provider. To acquire a phone under contract, the user has to sign an agreement with the service provider or retailer. This agreement period normally varies from 12 moths to 18 months. Under 12 months free line rental plan, the user is allowed to avail the services of his choicest network provider for a minimum period of 12 months. During this period, the service provider offers numerous benefits to the user like subsidised call rates, free text and MMS messages, free call to some pre agreed numbers, free handset and facility to exchange old handset with a brand new at a nominal price.

Pay as you go plan has completely different approach. To acquire a Payg phone, the user is not asked to sign any agreement with anyone. He is free to have his choicest handset from the market, and is also at complete liberty to choose his service provider. Once the user acquires his choicest handset, he then can purchase a phone card to add some credit to his phone account. It solely depends upon him to decide on the amount of phone card that he wants to purchase.

The user can always recharge his phone with another phone card when the balance talk time value in his account is low, or reaches near zero. Thus, this mobile phone deal gives enough options to the user to have control on her or his expenses. The user knows well in advance how much talk time is left in his phone, how much should he talk on the phone, and how much should he spend on purchasing a new phone card for future use.

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One can have phones of different brands like Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung and Motorola under these plans. High end Nokia mobile phones like Nokia 6110 Navigator, Nokia 6500 Slide, Nokia 8600 Luna and Nokia N97 etc. can easily be availed under any of the above mentioned mobile phone deals. All these handsets are equipped with multitude of user friendly features like long lasting batteries, attractive designs, Bluetooth compatibility and high resolution cameras. So, it is high time that you also acquire your next handset under some mobile phone deal. These deals will give you more than what you may have expected.

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