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Thanksgiving is a festival to celebrate the harvest and to express gratitude for the goodness bestowed upon us. It was originally observed as a harvest festival which went on to become a secular holiday. It is a day where friends and family get together and express their gratitude over a scrumptious dinner of turkey. Holidays always have a way of rekindling our spirits and in bringing out the child in us.

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But what to do when you have people around for your traditional Thanksgiving dinner. We have some great Scavenger Hunt Ideas that we think will work well to entertain your guests.

Some basics first. A scavenger hunt is a game where you are led on a trail to search a list of objects. You don’t need to break your head to organize this game as this is very simple and can be accomplished within the contours of your house.

Have a look at darien dash 5K for more info on this.You can coin simple scavenger hunt ideas based on the thanksgiving theme and let the guests find objects in and around your house. Here are some simple thanksgiving scavenger hunt ideas that may come in handy if you are planning to host a party.

You can draw a treasure map of your house and hide objects in various locations. You can make out index cards and leave them with your treasure which will lead the hunter to their next object. When the last object is found you can leave a note that would lead them to the finish line. Invariably you can lead them to the dinner table and treat them on your best turkey.

Scavenger hunting need not necessarily be the hunt for objects. You can organize a photo scavenger hunting game where you make the participants take a picture of the object they are hunting for. This is much quicker than the traditional treasure hunt and is interesting too. The objects can be categorized in such a way that they themselves form the leads to the next clue.

A variation to the traditional scavenger hunting game is to find objects that are amiss. For instance you can leave objects around the house which are not in their usual form, like an upturned picture on the wall, a candle that is upside down on the table, a wall clock that is missing a hand and so on. Don’t make them plainly visible as they might take out the essence of the game. Leave them as subtle as you can. This again is an interesting variation
A simpler scavenger hunt would be to let the participants find pictures or sentences or anecdotes in a book. This would especially work well with kids. An alternative to this can be to make the kids hunt the globe or the world map for specific city or a country. To let the kids learn about thanksgiving a scavenger hunt can be organized in the form of a questionnaire where the questions can be on the pilgrims and on the various themes around thanksgiving.