Internet Music Distribution – The No 1 Blueprint on the Web!

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Trying to sort out good Internet music distribution can be a struggle for a lot of bands these days. The music industry is not making as much money as it used to which means that you have to work a lot harder to get your work out there making a profit.You can get additional information at Digital Music Distribution.

As you probably know the music industry suffered a lot when people started to share music for free on websites like Bitlord and Lime Wire. Most people just don’t see songs having as much value these days. Even YouTube has been blamed for a massive droop in record sales as people are more likely to watch a music video for free than pay out for a track..

Wow that all sounds really depressing right? Stick with me…

Because of all these changes record companies no longer think of the CD as the main way to earn money from their artists. All the major profits are made online these days with Internet music distribution.

You should take a massive lesson from this.

It is so vital to get your music out there on the Internet and you want to be able to do this stuff quickly and easily without all the hassle.

If you’re serious about your music then you need to make sure that you show up in all the online music stores and especially in iTunes, because it is the biggest market on the planet where people are still paying for music.

Forget all about pressing up 2000 CDs and trying to sell them in the local music stores, because this is just too much of a risk and not necessary. The local music stores of today are sties like iTunes and Rhapsody because the most local place you can be is on the screen in front of your potential fans.

The whole music market is looking online for their favorite musicians and this is most obvious on MTV which was responsible for the last revolution in music videos. If you watch the channel now you will see a whole bunch of TV shows and not much music at all. They have realized that the market has shifted online are responding to that.

I can’t say it enough… the No1 most important thing to any up and coming musician is that your fans can find you in the online stores that they use. If you’re not there they will move on to any of the millions of other musicians trying to get their attention.

This stuff is life and death for your music…

You need to forget about a record deal and start working on the marketing and business side of your music career.

To make things easier you can use one of the great companies online who offer to get your music in every online store for a tiny fee.

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