Funky Rock Designs – Designs, Ideas for Rocks

funkyrockdesigns_large1-770x500Rocks are often abound in people’s gardens, from new beds that have been planned to those which a previous garden owner has imported. Some may be small rocks about a man’ head size, others a huge lump of steel-like granite or crumble-as-one watches, like sandstone. There is no need, if one does not want to, to leave it or them, and spend quite a bit of money removing them. A very attractive feature can be made out of them. All it takes is a good imagination and some extra props.Visit here:

Have a look around the neighbourhood, and see if there is anything that take’s one’s fancy. Then design one’s own version. Smaller rocks can be used as a garden bed edge. Why not paint them in attractive colours? Or co-ordinate with the colour of the home. Contrasts work very well, also. Make a garden picnic table. If it is a big rock, and made of sandstone, drilling a hole for a large umbrella will be easy. Granite will take longer, for certain. Flatten the top of the rock by chiseling, make some simple bench chairs to fit around the bottom of the boulder.

If one is really interested in keeping the garden safe for lizards and small creatures, plant feathery grasses, or spreading flowers. It is not really a good idea to encourage snakes if one has small children, so try to not encourage them. As toads are making themselves very unwelcome in many countries, keep a look-out for them, as they too enjoy this shelter. Paint the boulder one simple colour, or many, and let the flowers and plants contrast or match. This can be done with shades of blooms too. The only limits are one’s imagination.

FunkyRockDesigns-5If you want to get really creative, you can use the coasters as real canvases, applying latex paint to the surface of the stone to get a totally original work of art. While this does destroy the absorbency of the stone, it is still a really popular activity. This is because it is actually quite fun to paint on natural stone. This material has such a unique personality, both due to the one of a kind color patterns found in most pieces, but also because of the rich textures, which rise and fall just slightly, giving you a whole new dimension to work on. One important thing to note is that if you want to preserve this artwork, you should use polyurethane or water based sealer on the coaster, to make the image permanent and resistant to moisture damage.

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