Difficulties in Losing Weight and Keeping Fit While Working in an Office

14Sitting all day at work is common for most Americans. Count in the commute time and any leisure time at home and it would not be unusual to have 13 hours in sitting down time. The Sax Institute in Australia recently found that for every 11 hours a day a person sits while at work they have a 40% higher risk of dying within three years than people who sat 4 hours a day. Heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers can be linked to a sedentary lifestyle. Known as the “sitting disease” the condition shows prolonged sitting affects the body both physiologically and metabolically. Not only does it affect the body in that way but it also predisposes a person to neck and back pain due to atrophy or underdevelopment of the core abdominal and gluteal muscles.

A good rule of thumb is to get out of your chair at least once an hour. You could ask a colleague a question, go to the water cooler, take the stairs or take a bathroom break. Other office helpers are standing desks, stability chairs as well as the more often seen ball chairs. Ball chairs provide just enough stability, due to its being heavier on the bottom, to force your legs and arms to engage so there is no wobbling while you sit.

There are some easy exercises that can be done at your desk and some while using a ball chair:

15The squeeze- In this exercise you’ll actively squeeze and contract all your muscles in turn. Start with your feet set about a foot apart and work your way from toes to head squeezing and contracting each muscle group. Hold each muscle contracted and see how long you can hold them that way.

Hip rotations- Without moving your shoulders, neck or head sit on the ball and rotate the ball in a circular fashion with butt and hips. Then move them in the opposite direction. You should be able to feel all your lower body and back muscles working. Do each way 5-10 times for 3 sets.Get more info on dificuldade para emagrecer.

Squat- While holding your arm out grasp the ball and squeeze. The ball weighs 4-5 lbs so you should be able to feel your arms and chest engage. While squeezing keep your core tight and squat down. While keeping your knees wide and butt back keep your arms straight out. Squeeze your butt and stand up. Do this 5-10 times for 3 sets.

Leg extensions- While sitting, plant feet firmly about a foot apart and move one leg to the center and lift straight out. Hold your leg up for a few seconds. Repeat this and do the same for the opposite leg. This gets the quads moving and engages the core for stability.

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