24 Hr Care Nearby Chronicles

uc_health_frontThere are a lot of clinics operating nowadays according to the medical field that they are specializing in. Just to give you some examples: fertility clinics are aimed at helping out couples with pregnancy or reproduction issues; psychology clinics offer psychological services; physiotherapy clinics focus on physical therapy and similar services; and ophthalmology They are called specialty clinics. More often than not, however, when we speak of a medical clinic, most likely we are referring to a general medical practice that is run by one or several practitioners of general medicine. But a lot of people remain clueless about the exact nature of services that can be found in a medical clinic.You can get additional information at 24 hr care nearby.

If you have a health problem or condition and you need to consult a doctor, have yourself examined or undergo treatment, the place to go to is a medical clinic. Asthma, diabetes, and other chronic conditions, as well as acute minor health problems such as respiratory infections, urinary tract infection, broken bones, cuts and lacerations, and headaches, among others, are looked into once presented in a medical clinic. Immunotherapy is also available in most medical clinics.

But medical clinics are not all about treating health problems. They also, more often than not, offer preventive care. For those who are worried about their cholesterol levels or blood pressure, they can proceed to the nearest medical center and avail of their cholesterol screening or high blood pressure screening, respectively. Nowadays, most medical clinics also offer immunization to patients. Therefore, if you need flu shots, tetanus shots, or HPV vaccines, among others, you can go there and have them be administered to you. Frequent fliers or travelers also need to be given travel vaccines; a medical clinic can provide them.download

Gone are the days when general medical checks and physicals are conducted in the large hospitals. But a medical clinic is also fully equipped to accommodate these regular checks. Prior to a major surgery, the patient to be operated on would have to be subjected to some preoperative physical checks. These checks can be done at a medical clinic.

Perhaps you thought that you could not avail of some services in a general medical clinic because they are available in certain specialty clinics. You’re wrong. These days, general medical clinics also tackle issues affecting men and women health. Often, gynecology exams, HIV testing, fertility exams and even screening for sexually transmitted infections can now be done in medical clinics, not just in fertility or gynecology clinics. Medical clinics are also known to entertain issues on eating disorders, especially if they have a psychological division or department.

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